"We have found that a little extra work at the start of the project quickly pays for itself because at the end of the project, the little details do matter, and customers do notice."

Wind Point Products understands that innovation is key in getting shelf space in stores and the attention of new customers. Unique features are important to add value to products, separate yourself from competition, and build brand awareness.

The employees of Wind Point Products have over twenty patents to their credit and two Best of Show Awards at the I-Cast Fishing Industry show. Many of our designs have become best sellers in their respective product categories.

Wind Point Products has over 25 years of new product development experience and has the ability to meet all of our customer’s needs.

This is accomplished by using focus group and market research techniques, which determine end-user needs. Industrial designers and engineers team up to develop cutting-edge concepts with state-of-the-art styling.

The idea was to add a useful product to Snap-on's cordless tool line and expand the number of tools that use the Snap-on battery pack. The light is great for under dash work because there is no cord to kick and the fluorescent light has a very low temperature.
Best of Show Award
I-Cast Fishing Industry Show

Snap-On Cordless Utility Lamp