There is a story of innovation and design achievement behind every product that Wind Point Products develops. Here are a few of those stories.
Water Bottle
Wire Guide
Wire Guide, for BJR LLC, South Jordan, UT
BJR was started by an inventor who is an electrician. He wanted to be able to pull long commercial wire runs in electrical conduit by himself.

He came up with an idea and contacted a somewhat less than reputable company, Company I, that agreed to help him market his product and get a patent on it. When Company I was finished, he had only a cartoon like picture of his idea and a design patent; which offered him little to no protection on his idea. He was provided with all this, for a mere $25,000+ by Company I; and 50% of any profits he would ever get from the product would also go to them.

He then hired Wind Point Products. First of all, our patent attorney got him out of the contractual agreement with Company I. Then Wind Point Products completely revamped his idea and added new features to make it work better and again be patentable. We did a complete design cycle on the product, came up with packaging and artwork, produced the product and we are currently selling the Wire Guide with BJR to a large electrical products distributor on the West coast.

Anchor btl
FROZNTM Bottle, for IN-Gear Corporation

IN-Gear is a company that specializes in soft side packs and bags. They wanted to develop some type of drink cooler, but every time they had tried a project that was not a soft sided bag, they failed.

Wind Point Products was called in to develop a family of stylish, innovative drink coolers with a leak proof vented lid, and a stay cold frozen core. The project was delivered on time and under budget. It turned out to be one of the most successful new products for the company, and they were able to get shelf space in Wal-Mart, Target, and many other stores, at the cost of their competition.